Romanian Chamber Orchestra became a landmark for Romanian culture, through the value of its members and its artistic contribution to the national heritage. The project`s unique allure is given by the structure of the ensemble that brings some of the best Romanian string players from all over the world to perform together, to share their knowledge with they’re younger colleagues and through new compositions, written for the orchestra, to enrich the repertoire written for string chamber orchestras. Romanian Chamber Orchestra was created at the initiative of the violinist Alexandru Tomescu and the violist Ladislau Cristian Andriș, the artistic directors of the ensemble.


Romanian Chamber Orchestra promotes classical music written for this orchestral formula, performed at an excellent level, comparable to the best chamber orchestras in the world. The project aims to bring value to Romania’s cultural and educational scenery, to promote the Romanian culture and Romanian musicians worldwide.



The Trib’Art Association is the context that defines the form of expression of the cultural act. Developing and promoting cultural and artistic events by organizing performances implemented at national and international level, Trib’Art is the engine behind Romanian Chamber Orchestra project. By promoting classical music, composed for this orchestral formula, Ovidiu Andriș, president and founder of Trib’Art, initiated and coordinated remarkable projects in the field of music-education, the Romanian Chamber Orchestra being one of them. Simultaneously involved in the production of some of the most important events of the Association TM2023 – European Capital of Culture or projects such as Euphony, Scena de acasă or Music Pavilion, Ovidiu believes that the passion for music and the desire to develop communities are the main activators of all the projects initiated and created by the Artistic Tribe.