Call for

The 2021 Romanian Chamber Orchestra Project gravitates under the metaphor of the compass, a geometrical instrument that describes a perfect circle.

Through “Call for Scores 2021”, the Romanian Chamber Orchestra aims to commemorate 140 years since the birth of two great composers: George Enescu and Béla Bartók.

Strengthening the symbiosis between the authenticity of folk elements and the modernity of their own musical language, we encourage the commemoration of these giants of the universal classical music, by quoting them in the new composition or by using their own compositional language to bring the audience acknowledge the musical universe of the two great composers of the twentieth century.

The theme “Call for Scores” of 2021 can also be centered around the feelings brought up by the pandemic’s(which severely affected the cultural sector), the feelings of despair and fear, but also the feeling of confidence and hope, specific to the current period (waiting for the cultural life to come back to normality).


Conditions for participation

The registration deadline is the 18th of July 2021.

We wish you success!